Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A GENEROUS donation from actor Ben Stein

At the latest meeting of the Viet Nam veterans of America last Tuesday, our treasurer got up to give us a financial report.

Part of the report was that we had received another generous donation from Actor Ben Stein.  Mr. Stein has a vacation home here in Sandpoint, spends time here when he can, and is a generous supporter of some of the local non-profit organizations. Last year Ben donated $1000.00 to our organization to support the veterans standown.
As he was finishing his report, our treasurer, Dick Sandal, said, looking once more at the check, "Wait a minute, this donation is not to the Chapter.  It is for Charlie!"
We now have a nice cushion of money with which to move forward on some more of Charlie's restoration.


Ben Stein has a blog, too.  Here is a link:  http://benstein.com/stein2.html