Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My book, "The Adventures OF A Helicopter Pilot" now on amazon.com

If you have been enjoying this blog about old Charlie the H-34 and all things helicopter, and some of the stories I have written about my experiences as a pilot of these machines in Vietnam, then you will like my book.

                    "The ADVENTURES OF A HELICOPTER PILOT"
          'Flying the H-34 in Vietnam for the United States Marine Corps'
                        by Captain Bill Collier, USMCR.

"This is the journal of an honest, down to earth, self-deprecating, capable, and above all, courageous American in some of the most difficult circumstances in this nation's history. The pages fly by and as they do, I see more clearly the superb character of a hero with a sense of humor. We need more like him and they are getting more and more rare. Attention must be paid!"                                                                          Ben Stein, Actor/Author, man of many talents.

"Bill Collier knows what it means to go into harm's way, and he never hesitated when there was a hazardous mission to be accomplished.  Just ask the guys he rescued, and the Marines he served with."                                                        Major General Larry Taylor USMCR (ret.)

link to book on amazon:

For the first 10 people who write a review on amazon, I have a free copy of my 25 minute historical documentary, "The Rescue of Raven 1-1."  Buy the book, read it, post a review and then let me know so I can send you the DVD.

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bill collier