Saturday, March 31, 2012

Successful work party!

Here are Dick Williams and Ken Conger beating out the dents caused by the tow bar incident when we had our minor mis-hap moving to our new space last month.  They did a great job;  it looks almost good as new.  As usual, brute force prevailed over technique and training. 
Also present and accounted for were Tom Lloyd, Roger King and Everett Wood, Commandant of our local Detachment of the Marine Corps League, #1110.

On Friday March 23rd we had a very successful work party.
Six fellows showed up for coffee and doughnuts at 0900;  we had a bit of socializing then got to work.

We got several other projects started and will continue to work on them as time allows.
We really are ready for the "Lost in 50's" Parade now, but there will always be some minor tweaking to make the old beast look better or handle better.  We still need to beef up the tow bar and remove the tail wheel locking pin so we do not have a repeat of the nose-damaging  problem we had recently with the move.

Charlie is really loving her new home in the A-1 Sandpoint Helicopter Hangar.  it is warm and well lighted, with electricity available at all times. 

Today the USMC/Combat Helicopter Association newsletter "POP A SMOKE" arrived in the mail  with a small article about Charlie.  Thank you POPASMOKE editor. 

up- close of fine body work done

We will be having another work party some time soon.  All you local Charlie fans, stay tuned.
The art students from our local charter school have promised to come over right after spring break and finish up the lettering and paint the HMM-363 Red Lion logo on the nose.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lost in 50's Parade May 18th; re-connections.

Today we entered Charlie into the "LOST in 50's" parade.
We are the first entry to sign up so far.
Will this put us first in the parade? 
At the end of the parade we will have a static display for TWO DAYS.
Bring your show car or truck or....aircraft?  and join us.
I am hoping we will be last so we could be "Tail end Charlie." I may request such.
see this url to learn about our most delightful week-end 17-20 May this year:

We will be having a coupla work parties to get the old beastie looking as good as possible before the parade.  We got to get her spruced up for the static display. Stay tuned.

A remarkable thing happened yesterday.  I got a call from one of my old Marine Corps buddies I had not heard from since 1976!  He somehow became aware of the blog, saw my phone number there, and we have re-connected BIG TIME!  HOORAY!  He also sent a generous donation, as anyone may if they can, please.
Tax deductible donations can be sent to
Viet Nam Veterans of America
P.O. BOx 2014
ID  83864                     put:  "for H-34 Charlie on the note line"

Thank You.