Sunday, June 5, 2016

Some old vets need help

Dear friends,

Air America was always called a CIA proprietary, not part of the U S Government.

Recent investigations show that employees of Air America were actually employed directly by the U S Government.

Many the senior pilots were retired US military pilots. Their time with Air Am should be added to their retirement time, but for years they have been denied this increase to their pensions.
A book, "Honor Denied" by Air America pilot Allen Cates goes into detail if you want to get into it. This has been going thru congress for 13 years!

This is not an attempt to get money from the government for nothing. These guys put their lives on the line daily in service to their country. This increase in retirement is owed to them;  they earned it.

Please call your senators and ask them to support Senator Reid's NDAA Amendment 4215. This is a non-partisan item and will be part of the National defense allocations to be voted on this week.
Please call your senator first thing Monday the 6th of June. 

if you are in Idaho, please call Senator Crapo's assistant Sierra Robinson at 208-224-6142 and help our old vets get what is due them.
also  give Senator Risch the same message.

for those of you in other states, your senator's numbers are readily available on line on probably in your daily newspaper.

I thank you for all the old Air Am veterans.

disclaimer:  I do not have a dog in this fight;  I am not doing this to increase my income.

bill collier
Air America pilot June 1970 to December 1972.