Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a Viet Nam helicopter rescue story-scary!

I just ran across this story of U.S. Army helo pilots who repeatedly returned to a very hot landing zone to rescue Vietnamese troops.
It is long, 47 minutes, but well worth watching if you have the time.  Warning, it will make you sweat.

I will soon get back to finishing the story about the 50's parade and the adventure we had with a broken tail wheel.

I have been in San Diego at the Air America reunion. Yes, after Viet Nam I flew another 2.5 years
in Laos for the C.I.A. Many adventures here, too. I spent the long week-end having several dozen beers with a few hundred of my best friends.

By the way, if anybody can spare a few bucks, we  ruined a tail wheel and tire in the Lost in 50's parade and will have to replace them. It isn't the cost of the parts so much, but we had to hire a tow truck THREE TIMES to complete the mission.  We haven't got the bill yet.

Anybody who would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please send it to
Viet Nam Veterans of America
Chapter 890
P.O. Box 2014
Idaho  83864
write on the check  "for H-34 Charley" or some such.

All donors will receive a H-34 CHARLIE collectible camo baseball cap.
Here is a picture of Phil, the bull dog, wearing his cap:

It is a little hard to read in this picture, but the hat says:
You have to furnish your own American flag lapel pin.

The H-34 CHARLIE "crew" hat is retroactive. Hats will be in the mail soon to all persons who previously donated to the cause.

I also ran into a fellow who has an actual data plate from a French built H-34.  He says he is going to donate that valuable item to the cause.  He also has an actual tail rotor blade he may give us, too.  Thank you Gary. Some people have scrap books,  some people have scrap hangars!

Should anyone want to contact me directly,