Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a quiet time...for now

We had a small work party two weeks ago, and two of the fellows, Ken Conger and Dick Williams did a great job of banging the dents out of  the nose doors.  Other than that, thing have been a bit slow in the helicopter re-furbish business.

That is all going to change very soon,  We have a goal of getting the old girl all spiffied up for the Lost in 50's parade on May 18th.  Then we will have her on display on the street with all the old cars.
Rumor has it that Carolyn Gleason, who puts this function together every year, has something special in mind for old "Charley."  What it is, is still a secret.   If you would like to support her endeavor, please patronize 2nd Street Pizza Parlor.--best pizza in town.  She will also allow you to volunteer to help the day of the parade.  All you G.I.'s out there, let your inner MP out to play!

We have a bit of painting to do, and we hope to reinforce the tow bar before then.
We will be sending out notices for work parties, so all of you local helicopter fans who like to help ...stand by!