Sunday, August 5, 2012

Here is Charlie on display at the "Lost in 50's" old car show, Army side.
Thousand of people come to Sandpoint every year to celebrate old cars of any and every vintage.

This is the very first time we had all four rotor blades on, and had them spread.  It turns our lifting the blades into place is a challenge.  We also had no rotor brake to keep the tranny from turning, so the whole assembly wanted to turn whenever we lifted a blade with the special blade-lifting tool.  Once the rotor turned so much we lost control;  a blade slipped out of the tool and crashed down onto the blade saddle, breaking one of the pockets off AGAIN!  Fortunately we have several spare saddles and we can easily repair this.

Dick Williams manning the business side of old Charlie.  We gathered nearly $200 in donation from the public, and made a lot of wonderful contacts with people interested in the old machine. Everett Wood and Bill Stevens were very helpful during this event.

A bit out of sequence time-wise here, but this coming Saturday the 18th of August, 2012 Charlie will be
attending the E.A.A. fly in at Sandpoint airport. Can something attend a fly-in if it has to be towed?  YES. Come on down.  Pancake breakfast 0800-1000.

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