Monday, May 7, 2012

Yn-19 another restoration project

This URL will take you to the history of the rebuild of YN 19, and H-34 that was completely restored to flying condition, and currently flies to air shows and reunions.

It took 20,000 over nearly 6 years to get this one flying again. The fellows who did this got an earlier start and bought their hulk in better repair many years before we got Charlie.

Our old Charlie is well beyond ever flying again, but she is looking better every day as we prepare her for the lost in 50's parade NEXT WEEK!

more soon, with pictures.
watch for video of her in the old-car parade.

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  1. Hello, Bill! Love the work that you and other veterans are doing with the helicopter. I am program director at KRFY 88.5, and I would love to have you come on the air for an interview. Right now I am in Indiana on "Mother Duty." But I return to Sandpoint on May 30. Would you be up for an interview the following week? Please correspond with me via my e-mail address ( Keep up the excellent work. Jim