Thursday, March 10, 2011

A BIG Donation to project!!!

Did you hear the one about the former Airborne who walked into the VFW hall in Sandpoint, handed Howard, the manager,  $700 CASH for our project, turned around and walked out?

You have now.  That happened yesterday!

Thank you anonymous AIRBORNE !!!

This gets us well on our way to paying for the helicopter.

We still will need to keep those donations coming in to help prepare, paint and place the beastie on a pedestal, so keep those cards and letters coming in folks.

And a giant thank you to every one who has donated so far, those of you who have pledged and have not yet sent a check, and  those of you who will, but just have not decided yet. Or those of you who are going to donate and don't even know it yet!
This is happening, helicopter lovers of the world.!

Make check out to V V A post 890
put:  "H-34 project" on the notes line

this should make the donation tax deductible

send to:
Bill Collier
402 Sandpoint ave.
No. 224
ID 83864

I am going to post more interesting pictures right away.

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