Sunday, March 6, 2011

I stand corrected!

All this time I have been looking at this helicopter I knew this was a former U.S. Army H-34. HECK, it says ARMY right on it in great big letters; you can see them in the pictures. It never occurred to me that it was not a "D" model. Fellow Air Americas pilots Vladimir Broz and Duane Keele have corrected me: this is a "C" model. Horrors! How can I go on calling this a "dog" when it is not?
Does this mean I am a total disgrace to helicopter-dom?
Is this going to end the project?
Of course not on both counts.
It may not be a "D" model, but it is still a "dawg" and worthy of our respect and attention.

Also worthy of our money. Please keep those cards and letters (full of checks--I have actually received only one so far) coming in. Counting all the pledges so far, we are more than half way towards getting over the initial financial hump. Thanks to all who have donated so far, and for those still waffling, just do it:

send checks made out to
Viet Nam Veterans of America, Post 890
c/o bill collier
402 Sandpoint ave. no. 224
ID, 83864

put "for H-34 project" on notes line.
I will post some more pictures soon.

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