Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Charlie" is going to be famous!

Today's pictutre is of two H-34's from HMM-363 landing aboard the U.S.S. Ogden in the South China Sea offshore Quang Ngai provence, South Viet Nam, March or April 1967. Operation Deckhouse VI.


Today reporter Cameron Rasmusson from our local newspaper, The Bonner County BEE, met with the leaders of our local veterans groups to get the story on our H-34 project.
Present were Howard Bigelow, President of Post No. 890 of the Vietnam Veterans of America, (Biggest Post in idaho.) Everett Wood, Commandant of Detachment No.1110 of the local Marine Corps League, Dick Sandall, treasurer of 890, and Tim Hogan, member of  Det. 1110. and myself, Bill Collier, member of both organizations.
We gave Cameron all the information we could about the project. (Lucky you, you already know all about it, having read all the previous posts.) He said he would get to work on his article right away, and we could expect to see it in the newspaper soon, perhaps a week-end feature article.
I then went over to the office of Quality Auto Body on Superior St.and talked to Richard Olliver and his wife, Jonnie Bradley*  to confirm if it might be possible for us to park the helicopter in the fenced side yard of their shop for a while until we make final prepearations for the proper display of out trophy.  He was all for it!

My next step is to go to Everett, WA tomorrow to Paine Field, and make the final arrangement for delivery.  I must make some measurements, and pick through piles of old H-34 bits and pieces to make sure I get the best ones available for our Charlie. It should be an interesting day.
One option we are seriously considering is putting Charlie permanently on her own trailer, so that we can take her for frequent outings.  Can you imagine her in the 4th of July parade?  Or at our local standown?  We have already had a tenative OK to put her in our local "Lost in the 50's" parade with all the old 1950's cars in May! I think she would be a great magnet for fund-raising, membership drives, and just to have around at various veteran functions.  All we need is a long-term  inside storage for her. And of course a trailer.

Does anybody have a nasty, rusty, yucky, dirty, unwanted old 30-ish foot long low-boy type trailer lying around you do not want?  Please consider donating it to the V.V. A. for Charlie. 
Thanks for reading today.
Next report from Everett with more pictures.

*Jonnie publishes WISE GUIDE, a truly wonderful, informative LOCAL guide  full of  LOCAL resources for LOCAL seniors.

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