Monday, March 14, 2011

We have lift-off!

Today we got another HUGE donation from yet another AIRBORNE group of donors!
YEA AIRBORNE!!!  Five men donated a total of $1100, mostly anonymously again.
That, combined with $480 that came in the mail over the week-end, puts us within a very few dollars of the cash needed to pay off the balance for the purchase of the H-34 helicopter.
All further donations will go towards the refurbishing, painting and placing of the helicopter on display somewhere in Sandpoint, with perhaps a bit of reserve for maintenance.
We sent  a press release to our local newspaper and hope to see an article in the Bonner County Daily BEE some time soon.
Another  GIANT THANK YOU!  to all those who have donated to this cause.
Here is another picture of "Charlie."

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